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Compliance with ASTM testing standards is becoming increasingly important, which is why TGI Specialties, a branch of TrafficGuard Direct, Inc., offers crash rated bollards to help meet them. Our traffic posts can protect people and property from vehicle impact at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, meeting ASTM F3016 standards. Our products have undergone thorough testing to confirm the integrity of materials used in their construction. Their stainless steel fabrication makes them capable of resisting impact around many different locations, including residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Increase Safety and Reduce Property Damage

While TrafficGuard manufactures traffic posts intended for protection in high-speed accidents, our TGI Specialties branch is intended to help businesses meet ASTM standards for low-speed applications. Pedestrians are still at risk of serious injury from low-speed crashes, and property is often vulnerable to costly damages. Locations such as parking lots and storefronts need to implement proper safety measures to help reduce these risks.

If a property doesn’t utilize a configuration of bollards and other safety equipment to meet industry standards, injuries and property damage could result in potentially devastating lawsuits. However, businesses can enhance the safety of their property and patrons with a selection of TGI Specialties’ bollards that meet ASTM testing standards.

These crash-tested posts are designed to provide sufficient security and safety with minimal maintenance, constructed with high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to both wear and vehicular damage.

Expert Assistance for Adequate Product Selection

There are many factors that determine which types of traffic posts are ideal for a location. The amount of foot and vehicle traffic, architecture, and property layouts are some of the main aspects that can influence bollard configurations and installation. Our ASTM crash rated bollards are available in 10 MPH and 30 MPH models, available in removable or fixed variations. For property managers who are unfamiliar with the installation of traffic posts, TGI Specialties can help determine which bollards are best suited to their property.

With a system of our low-impact resistant traffic posts, your property can benefit from maximized safety, helping you avoid pedestrian injury and property damage for many years. You can also view testing videos of our bollards to see our products in action.


TGI Specialties is a one of the first traffic control device manufacturers to undergo ASTM F3016 testing for low-impact crash testing. Learn more about the rigorous testing process.

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ASTM Tested

TGI Specialities is proud to offer ASTM F3016-tested traffic safety products.